Sunday, 28 September 2014

What's Happening

I've been a little quiet on my blog front as late but that's because I've just recently got back from a trip to the US. I've also been gearing up to a few things in the near future. Here's a run down.

  • New York Comic Con. Of course, I couldn't resist, most of my time has been dedicated to getting my Doctor Strange costume together. Hope to have a great time as usual, but nerves eh?
  • Worlds Biggest Liar 2014. I lost my title last year, so nows the time to retake it. The event seems to get bigger and bigger every year, so I don't know if everyone I know who wants to come will be able to fit in the venue this time.
  • The Arrest Us comp over at LitReactor hasen't called the winners yet. Feedback for my story was mixed, but valuble. I'm currently writing a full legnth Lisa Cummings novel, so hopefully things will move in the right direction.
  • I may be back on air soon at Hospital Radio Haven if we manage to get the recording suite working. Makeing the time to broadcast has been my biggest obstacle, so being able to put shows together on a Sunday, say, and broadcast at a later date may get me back on again.
  • I'm planning on putting my existing Modern Realms stories together as a sort of prototype for a self publishing project. Currently working on it as and when I have the time though, but may put more thought into it once NYCC is through.
  • More illustrated short stories to come!
Other than that you can find me on Tumlbr or Deviantart for my rants (former) and occasional doodles (latter).

Thanks for reading.