Sunday, 5 February 2012

So the worlds going to end this year I hear...

And now that I have your attention, just thought I'd mention I'm back doing art trades again. Sparodically. I'll update with stuff done so far in about a week or so. Given that I'm sort of doing this now, It looks like I'll be shelving the Jenny Nowhere comic for a bit.

What else? Oh yeah, friend of mine has a blog now. Jaffa's Geek Corner is run by the guy who played Damon/Nero and ran the first and fourth of our Dnd campaigns. Despite the fact that I've been at this blog lark for a lot longer than him, he seems to be much better at it than I am. If we find the time, It's possible we may be working on a webcomic together.

Book is still in the process of being written. Mass Effect 3 comes out next month. More soon.

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