Sunday, 17 March 2013

What Trouble Have Our Intrepid Adventurers Found Themselves In This Time?

Been a real lack of updates here of late. I'm not dead, but I have been temporarily incapacitated thanks to Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

So yeah.

Art Trades are back on again. Full info over at my Deviantart page as usual. Now with a handy list of characters and references.

I'm now on Tumblr, though I don't really know what for. I recently partook in Femslash February, which you can see collected here. I think I'll just be dumping a few sketches here and there in the future.

I'm still working on that novel I keep mentioning. It's all pretty much good for submissions to publishers besides a few tweaks, but I want to get some solid feedback off a few folks to make sure it's not just utter tripe.

So that about brings things up to date. Wow. I thought I had more to mention than that.

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