Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tales of the Modern Realms Anthology

Thought I'd finally bring all the stories together under one post, with a new omnibus style cover to wrap it all around. I'm still working on the possibility of self publishing, so this may serve as a bit of a prototype if you will.

The completed stories are, as follows:

Double Tap - A PercyEvangelyne Story: Spies, assassins, magic and betrayal.
A Stone's Throw Away - A Grantia Story: Ancient ruins, femme fatals, demons and sapphic romance.
Death and Politics - A Leo Wounded Bear Story: Bodyguards, spirits, billionaires and assassins.
Fragrant Afterburn - An Emilia Krekanyo Story: Perfume, poachers, poverty and dragons.
Hope Never Sleeps - A Quentin Wilde Story: Jazz music, magic, private eyes and blackmail.

I hope to explore more of the Modern Realms world soon, with updates including a map and more detailed information on the nations and factions that inhabit it.

As ever, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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