Monday, 2 May 2016

Tales of the Modern Realms FAQ AKA BUY MY BOOK!

Hey people, I now have a book for sale! It's Tales of the Modern Realms, an illustrated anthology of six stories set in a pulp-inspired world of mystery and adventure.

The stories were originally published here on my blog and have since been remastered and expanded. There's also bonus material included on the history and background of the world itself.

If you're curious, want to support my work or just want something a little different to try, you can buy a copy here.

Createspace (Note: I'd prefer it if you ordered from here, but It's entirely up to you what method you choose)

If you want to know more, read the FAQ below.

What's the hook?

The Modern Realms are a fantasy world of dragons, wizards and elves. However, unlike most fantasy stories, it doesn’t take place in a psudo-medieval time period. Instead it takes place in a 40's – 60's inspired cold war landscape, with jet planes, microfilm and silenced pistols.

Here's the blurb:

Once the realms were home to great kings and noble knights, evil wizards and beautiful princesses. But those days are long gone. Lost in a war of bullets and smoke. Now the realms are home to billionaire playboys and femme fatales, cool spies and private eyes.

From the towering forests of Wendiga to the rainy skies of Hightower, from the cold mountains of Romahold to the neon lit streets of Gulf City, deals are made, money changes hands and nobody can be trusted.

This omnibus contains seven illustrated stories of mystery and suspense, as well as a detailed guide to the world of the Modern Realms.

Wait, all of this can be read for free?

Yes and no. All of the short stories were originally published on my blog, and can still be read here (and I encourage you to do so.) However, the versions contained in this book are extended and remastered.

Most of the stories have additional and altered scenes, some of which change the course of events a little. Likewise, I've also remastered and redone some of the artwork. The versions included are what I consider the definitive story.

Also it includes extra content on the background of the Modern Realms setting, details on the history, races and nations that you won't find anywhere else.

Is there an ebook version available?

Coming soon I hope. You'll know as soon as I have a concrete idea on that.

Is this the novel you've spoken about in the past?

No, there's still plenty of work that I've done that I want to publish through traditional means. Also there's a bunch of other Modern Realms stories that I haven't yet published, and would like to do as a collaborative job with other artists.

Is this related to that short story you were talking about getting published?

No, the story from Less Than Three Press is unconnected in both story and setting. That's its own thing.

It's not connected to the upcoming webcomic either.

Where can I buy it?

I already put the links above, but just because you asked, here it is again:


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