Sunday, 12 March 2017

March Update

Just thought it was a good time to clock in and update you all on my current projects and plans.

  • As I've mentioned in the past, I'll be heading to Toronto in a couple of days. I'll be knocking around Toronto ComicCon while I'm there, and while I won't have a table there myself, I am interested on speaking to artists and other writers while I'm there.
  • Carlisle Megacon was a great experience (Not least when I found I had a table opposite the insanely talented TtotheAffy) and I hope I can snag a table at a couple more conventions this year. No confirmation on that as yet, but you'll hear it here first.
  • So I was being pretty optimistic about getting the John Paul Jones comic done by March, but I suspected that anyway. Current target is for July, but I don't want to rush myself. I want this project to be the best it can be, so I want it done when it's done. On top of that I'm currently working on a novel that I've just been compelled to write, and that's been taxing my attention too.
  • The follow up to my Ebook The Reminiscence of Good King Carnack, is on it's way. The Scars of Jocasta Lacroix will likewise be published by Less Than Three with cover at by Meg Daunting (I can't wait for you to see it). No ETA yet, but you'll be hearing about it very soon.
  • Obscure Comic of the Month might run a little late, since I won't be back from Toronto til' the 21st March. However, I'll try my best to get something out by the end of the month.

And that's all for now. As ever, if you like my work please consider checking out my Modern Realms anthology and Carnack Ebook. Thanks

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