Saturday, 17 July 2010

That Means You, Request Details

The time has come. The time has come to start acting like a semi professional. The time has come to start taking free requestes.


Merrick: “distributed gratis.”

Al Swearengen: Free gratis.

Merrick: Free gratis is a redundancy.

EB: does that mean ‘repeats itself?’

Al Swearengen: Then leave gratis out.

Merrick: What luck for me Al, that you have such a keen editorial sense. Free. Distributed Free. Period.”

Al Swearengen: Fucking free gratis!


What it means is, that if you want any kind of illustration work done, want it free, want it fast, and want to help me improve, then tell me what you want, and I'll do my best to pull it off.


Examples of some of my stuff here: it gets better as it goes along.

Whatever I can to get to be a better artist, but just in case, here's a few Ideas:

Working on a novel or a play, short film even? I can do concepts for you're characters, costume designs, even crack out some storyboards if I can find the time.

Original character designs, same as above really.

Illustrations for promotional work, home grown album covers etc. If its for something like this it'd get priority too, just as long as I got full credit for my work.

Tattoo designs, didn't really think of this till somebody mentioned it at work, but I'd be happy to have a crack.

Comics, if you've got a script, bear in mind though I'd only be able to do a page or two, not a full on 24 page issue. I've got my own stuff to work on too you know!

Some funky fresh fan art, as long as you provide the references if its something I'm not familiar with.

And I don't mind doing stuff of a semi erotic nature, just bear In mind that I haven't been down that route yet so I'd be going in green.

Just remember though I'll try and fit as much in as possible, don't know how well this'll take off yet, but rarely some stuff has the potential to turn me off, so if I don't like you're request, lump it.


Depending on my work hours and what I've got on between now and the end of august, this is a rough Idea of how long stuff should take. It'll also be based on how many requests I have to get through.

A quick sketch: About an hour or so, it'll be pretty rough though.

Lineart: About an afternoon to a day

Black and White Inks: About a day or two, maybe more depending on how complex it is.

Colour: About 2 - 3 - 4 days again maybe more depending how complex it is.

Comic Strips: About a week


Either send the request in an email to with Request as the subject title, or leave the request in the comments section of this blog post, the facebook group page or the DA forum thread, and I'll see what I can do.

Ok then chaps hope you can all help me out, and In the end we'll all be big shots earning megabucks, right?

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