Sunday, 18 November 2012

So anyway, I hold a world title now. This is true and not a lie.

So I won the title of Worlds Biggest Liar 2012 on Thursday. Some coverage of this can be found below. I'll be updating with any further stuff that might be published.

To be honest, I walked into the competition purely for an interesting night and a few beers at The Bridge Inn with a few friends from work. Having done a little stand up and radio comedy in my time I though it'd be worth a crack at entering. I had a feeling that I'd be out of my depth when it came to the other contestants, some of whom had won it year after year. After getting up and telling my tale of an un-aired episode of Time Team involving a grave of Roman Badger Legionaries, I felt a little more confident with my chances. Didn't think for a minute that it'd win though.

And so, after fifteen minutes of photos and talks with the local papers I was getting interviewed by some Australian radio show over the phone. I didn't get the name of the show, If anyone know it and it's online give me a shout. I'd love to hear how drunk I sound.

For those interested I was originally going to go with a story about American dollars having the nickname 'dead presidents' because they were actually made out of dead presidents. Then one morning I woke thinking of the badger story and the rest was history. Naturally I'll be defending my title next year, but I've also thought of turning my lie, and similar tales, into a small comic book series. It's still in it's uncertain phase at the moment, I'll have to learn how to draw badgers for a kick off.

I'm still working on that novel by the way.

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