Thursday, 27 November 2014

For Your Taste Buds Accordingly

Just before you think my artistic talents have managed to improve by about 5000% I'd like to mention that the above image was done by the appropriately named Epictones (AKA Eric Toner), who graciously created this rendition of Lisa Cummings from my recent short story submission.

You can find more of his art here, and here. Pay him a visit. The full image can be found here. Thanks again fella.

Lisa Cummings is a rather entusiatic Private Eye, in a world where nobody really knows what they do anymore. She cracks jokes about video games, animes and gets wicked drunk after a case.

A full, remastered version of the short story will be coming next month, and I'm dusting off a full length novel this will hopefully go somewhere someday.

Beyond all that, take this as an early seasons greetings, and as always, thanks for reading.

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