Monday, 24 November 2014

Too Much Too Young

So my performance at Worlds Biggest Liar this year did not land me in the top three, which was a little disappointing given that I felt my work this year was better than the last, where I came third.

While it would be remiss of me to disrespect the fine turns put on by the winners, I do have to say that this year's turnout was certainly a step down from what we had over the last two year, with only 7 entries as opposed to the usual 12 to 15. I feel that the way the selling of the tickets was handled might have had something to do with this, and I may explore my thoughts in depth in a more detailed article next month.

In the mean time I do plan more non-Biggest Liar based stand up in the future. Also, keep your eyes peeled, a short story should be coming before Christmas too.

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