Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Just Another Quick Update

Gears are turning this February on a few projects so I just thought I'd put you in the picture, as it were.

  • Obscure Comic of the Month is returning. You should see the column in the next couple of days. Maybe even today!
  • The short story is still coming, haven't had an update on the commercial side of things yet, but you'll know the detail as soon as I do.
  • I'm hoping to get the ebook/print version of my remastered Tales of the Modern Realms out some time over the next couple of months. All the formatting is pretty much done, so It's just a matter of getting it submitted for retail.
  • Plans are moving ahead on that webcomic idea, hoping to have something up by late Feb to mid March. I want to have a full prologue ready to go before weekly updates. In the meantime, here's some WIPs on the characters.

And that's all for now, have a good February. Toodle bye!

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