Tuesday, 23 February 2016

So Hey, About that Webcomic Finally

As I mentioned a couple of times previously, I'm starting work on a webcomic. It's called Sea of Spheres, and it's a bit of a swashbuckling mystery story.

For now I'll be keeping things simple, with a short, relatively self contained, black and white story that might expand out into colour depending how successful it is and how it impacts my other projects.

I'll be discussing the setting in a later update, but right now I just thought I'd introduce the main characters of the first arc. It getting me into the swing of things and hopefully I'll only improve as time goes on. 

I've been sitting on ideas for a comic for years and in the grand scheme of things see no downside in doing it so... here we go I guess.

You'll know here first what the plan is when it starts. I'm hoping to get a dedicated site for it an all that kind of pro looking stuff.

In the mean time thoughts, questions and feedback are greatly appreciated.

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